"Our members maintain good practices around the gym so that it is an enjoyable experience for everyone."


The Gym- Your Responsibility. You are obliged to speak to your medical practitioner prior to starting any form of training within The Training Station. You should NOT participate in any type of training within the training station if you are not physically able to do so or if you are suffering with any disability or illness without speaking to your medical practitioner first.

Parking. The Training Station 2 and it’s staff are not liable for any damage to your vehicle while parked in our car park. Although we will do our utmost to ensure the parking facilities are secure, you must ensure all valuables and mobile phones are removed from your vehicle at all times.

Keeping The Gym Tidy- Avoiding Injury. It is your responsibility to ensure that all weights are replaced in their racking and that machines are left safe when you have finished using them. All gym users must wear a top while training for hygeine purposes. Your must ensure that the machines are used as they were intended when designed and that if you are unsure how to do a certain excercise or use a certain piece of equipment then you must ask a member of our staff for advice- not another member! Using more weight than you can handle is not advised and will result in injury! The Training Station 2 are not responsible for your safety while using machines or any equipment within the gym in an unsafe manner.

Please Note- Members leaving weights on the floor and not replacing them in the dedicated racking may have their membership forfeited as this can lead to an accident.

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